Inliner Racing



One look at these Inlines and you will understand why we build them!

If you're thinking about racing an Inline, check the rules and go for the record!!

Click on the thumbnails to view the race car of your choice.

Rick Yocum's Vintage Race Car

Carl Yockman's '67 Nova

Frank's 1964 Sprint Car

Black Opel 2012

Ron and Marla's "Teapot"

Gary's Bonneville 53 Studebaker

Doug's  '31 Ford Inliner

Walter Smith's Race Car

Al's Vintage Race Car

Lyn Stewart's '78 Holden Gemini Nick's Sweet '68 Mustang Jack Layton's 12 Port Sprint Car

Gary Riccios 64 Nova

Walt Skoczylas' 32 Bantam

Don Harris' 32 Grahm-Page

Jamie Frankland's 12 Pack


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Delbert Williams' Strange Brew

Brian Cannell's Hemi 6

Ray Hedstrom's 41 Chevy

Gary Fields' Inline Dragster

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Jeff Pritchett's `62 Nova

Matt Carmone's `70 Nova

Greg Koesel's Frenchtown Flyer 

Mark & Friends Down Under

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Frenchtown Flyer
Up Date
Leo Santucci's Turbo Coupe Frenchtown Flyer October 2002 Rob Seubert's 296" Camaro
Frenchtown Flyer
Update July 2003
John Brown's 4.0 Jeep Steve Weber's E/MP '77 Chev pickup Kansas Racing Products
Dave Watkins '40 Chev PU Dick Knorr's Bonneville Car Steve Dennish's Gasser Gary's H/Modified

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