September / October 2013

Well, now that Speed Week is over, summer is starting to wind down. The courses at Bonneville were somewhat rough, but a number of Inliners were able to set records.

 There are three opportunities a year to set a record at Bonneville, but this is an event like no other.  Setting a record here is special. As a parallel, Dale Earnheart was one of the winningest drivers at Daytona, but all those wins paled compared to finally winning the Daytona 500 in 1998.

In spite of it all, there were 9 inline records set and George Poteet set a record of 437.183. An incredible achievement and a record for the 65 years of Speed Week.

Planning still continues for our Convention next year. Right now, our problem is how to pare down the list and not fill the days too much. We will be including a list of sights to see on the way to Convention. (By the way, the largest ball of twine is in Cawker City, Kansas.)

Colorado Springs has had its share of fires the last couple of years and we have had to adjust our plans accordingly. They shouldn’t affect us too much.

On the subject of fires, I’m glad to see they are getting a handle on the “Rim Fire” in Yosemite. It’s hard to feature that it would have such an effect as far away as San Francisco. I’m afraid we haven’t seen the end.

Referring back to the May/June 12 Port News, a couple of quotes come to mind:

“Physician heal thyself” and

“Hoist by my own petard”

On the way home from Bonneville I had 4 rear wheel studs shear off on my Delivery. I was able to herd it to the side of the road with relatively minor damage, although we were never able to find the tire and wheel.

It seems that the aluminum wheels we all admire have a tendency to loosen up. It wasn’t enough to feel but apparently was enough to weaken the studs.

So…. Add “Check lugs regularly” to your list.


Will Willis


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