September / October 2013

As I sit here waiting for a return call concerning Fridays events at the 2014 Inliners International Convention, I figured I should get started on this issues Chapter Chatter.

Plans are well under way for the convention and now is the time for finalizing a lot of the things we've been kicking around.

This issue of the 12-Port News will feature the 2nd half of the coverage of "Rappin To Minden" 2013, I'am really looking forward to the coverage of the Nevada and Australian get togethers.  It sure was nice to see so many people just having fun.

We are short several chapter heads which effects the amount of fun we all can have ( or can't ) because no one is stepping to the front to either help their chapter heads or to volunteer for the position.  How else can we have get-togethers if no one wants host them and in some instances even throw the idea out for a chapter meeting.  If everyone does a little, a lot gets done along with the fun.  I realize there are times when circumstances prevent you from volunteering or following through after you have volunteered,  we just have to work around some of these slight road-blocks and and everything will still come ok in the end. They say these little snags are what builds character, boy I sure know a lot of characters in the car hobby and everybody that races probably knows more than the average person. While I'am on my bandwagon,  we are still looking for a chapter head for the Honorary Bonneville Chapter.  I have filled in the last two years and with everything on my plate plus ,supporting the 2014 Convention as a chapter member I don't see having enough time to organize "Sausage on the Salt" for 2014.  If anyone or a group of people would like to step forward to oversee this fun event.  Contact me at 970-358-4244 or I will be happy to give you a rundown on the happenings and preparations, which really aren't as bad as it may sound.

I would like to remind everyone that our headquarters motel for 2014 convention has extended the room rates for the week-end before and after the convention and we will be supplying a list of some sites to see that we won't have time to schedule during convention week. 

Gary #929.