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    12 Port Registration Form  
  Ownership: History: Unique Parts:
Wayne Chev Cast Iron #      
1001 Harry Warner (CA) late 1947 Installed in Harry Warners '34 Ford Roadster (per Ollie Prather)  
1002 Ollie Prather (CA) late 1947 Head was installed in an E racing runabout…..cracked and was returned to Wayne Horning.  Wayne provided a replacement head.  Tri carb intake, turn down exhaust
1004 Zeke Zacherson (Ut) 1985? Previous owner was from Corona, California "Wayne" valve cover, tri-carb intake, Hilborn fuel injection, side draft intake, magneto, roller cam/lifters, both straight out & turn down exhaust manifolds
1006 Rudy Kerching (CA) early 1950's...Steve Kerching (CA)….. Head was installed/raced in a Sprint car (San Jose, CA) prior to being sold to Rudy.  Engine ran Bonneville in 1952/3/4 in a B Comp Coupe (Hot Rod Dec '53 Hilborn fuel injection # 121, "WMD 225" valve cover.
1007 Bob Gerrard (CA) 1951-54 Head was installed in a Track T & later a Sprint Car…..head was stolen in 1954 from the machine shop  
1012 Ron Sneedon (CA) early 1950's…sold in 195?   "WMD 225" valve & side cover
1013 Billy Belmont early 1990's….Don Stevens (NH) 1993….Pat Swanson (WA) 2005 Head was installed/raced in a boat prior to Billy Belmont purchasing Hilborn Travers fuel injection # 112, "WMD 225" valve cover, straight out exhaust manifolds
1014 Gene Hewitt/Marvin Ballinger (CA) early 1950's….sold in 195?   Wayne valve cover
1015 Jay Ward (Seaside, CA)….Paul Vona (CA) early 1960's….Pat Swanson (WA) 1995….Dave Clements (AZ) 1996 Sprint Car in early 1960's Head modified for later engine block
1017 Ollie Prather (CA) 1948/49…..still owns today   Wayne valve & side covers, tri-carb intake, both straight out & turn down exhaust manifolds
1018 Harold Lunden (CA)…..Dick Bertolucci (CA) 2000 235 Hi-torque engine Wayne valve & side covers, tri-carb intake assy, turn down exhaust
1019 Frank McGurk (CA)….Paul Cantarano (CA) early 1950's (family still has Indy engine) Indy 500 in 1950 "WMD" valve & side covers
1020 John Bakich?? (Porterville, CA) Carl Schmidt (CA) mid 1950's….Paul Vona (CA) early 1960's….Pat Swanson (WA) 1995….Chandler Young (CA) 1998 Head was on a track roadster/sprinter owned by Baiz- Johnny Woods drove Wayne valve & side covers, tri carb intake
1024 Jack Layton…..Jack Goffette (WA)…Pat Swanson (WA) 1992….Monte Osborne (CA) 1999….??? 2004 Head/engine was installed in a '29 Ford Roadster in 1997 Wayne valve & side covers, dual carb intake, turn down exhaust
1030 Safford & Shores (CA) mid 1950's…Chuck Sharp (CA)….Don Blairs Speed Shop (CA) Ed Mancillas (CA) 1980….Pat Swanson (WA) 1996….?? (CA) June 2005 Safford & Shores '29 Ford Roadster (tube headers & a custom dual carb "ram" intake w Buick carbs)...1932 Ford Roadster Wayne valve & side covers, dual carb intake (Fish carbs), turn down exhaust

Pat Swanson (WA)....Lynn Helm #87 (CA)....Daniel Helm

1034 Tom Langdon Head was previously installed in an Aston Martin Wayne valve & side covers, turn down exhaust, tri carb intake
1035 Vernon Stevenson (CA) Oval track racing (Sacramento) 1950's-60's Tri carb intake
1038 Brad Ayers (CA) bought engine in 1990 ($300.) Old Brown Marine boat engine (Napa, CA) Fuel injection, front dual drive
1042 Al Hatcher    
1047 Jim Etter….Tom Barkley (KA) 1977   Wayne valve cover, dual carb intake
1050 Elmer Schultz (Clovis CA) bought new in early 1950's….Don Rohde (CA) bought in 1954-5 ($500.) Engine installed in 1950 Chev Coupe in 1995 Tri-carb intake, Wayne valve & side covers, turn down exhaust
1051 Tom Langdon    
1052 Bill Murray bought new….Jim Wilde.….Jack Maschewske (MI)…George Reed (IN) 2004…..Bob Morgan (Ca) 2006 Ran in '27 Track Roadster.  Engine has been sitting since 1953-4 Side draft intake w small Rileys, Wayne valve & side covers
1058 Rickett Bros Chevrolet (Ka) bought new….Cal Kennedy (Co) 1952 Rickett Bros ran 1/2 mile dirt circuit.  Cal bought complete racing program for $400.  Engine ran in '34 Chev Roadster.  1958 Roadster Champ at the 1958 NHRA Nationals (11.00 at 120 mph).  Engine last ran in 1959 Tri-carb intake (modified for Stromberg 48s), Wayne valve & side covers, straight exhaust pipes, Spalding 292 cam
1063 Ron Farmer (VA)…John Hayes (NC) 2001…. Pat Swanson (WA) 2003   Wayne valve & side covers, tri-carb intake, turn down exhaust manifolds
1064 Bill Sinksen (CA) 1984 (purchased Wayne engine at a garage sale for $125.) Note:  Valve cover is stamped Wayne (not cast) Wayne valve cover, modified tri-carb intake, turn down exhaust
1??? Gary Cope (CA) 1976 (purchased for $35.)…head was from the Yuba City, CA area Note:  cannot find a serial number …stamped Fresno Mfg on intake  side...  Head was installed in Gang Green (Freemont & Bonneville) Dual carb intake, 5 carb intake, Wayne valve & side covers, both straight out and turn down exhaust manifolds
1??? John Hayes (NC)…..Dave Fowler (MT) 1984 Note:  cannot find a serial number …stamped S87146 on exhaust side...Head was installed/raced in a boat prior to John Hayes purchasing Wayne valve & side covers, tri-carb intake, Hilborn Travers fuel injection #107
1??? Pat Ganahl Ran in a track roadster ('23 T type) from the Fullerton area.  When Haskins broke a rod in the engine a flathead was installed in the T.  Wayne engine and the T were both found in a small garage and purchased from Haskins widow.  Associated with the Knight Rider or Derelicts car club.  WMD 225 valve & side covers, tri-carb intake, straight out exhaust manifolds, & home made 3-carb intake made from tubing
1??? Don Canepa (CA) mid-1960s (purchased for $125) Note:  cannot find a serial number …early WMD 225 head.  Head will be installed in Carl Kirchings old modified roadster ('23) which raced Bonneville in 1955/7/8 Wayne valve & side covers, dual and tri-carb intakes, straight out exhaust manifolds
1??? Dick Tamura (OR) Head is/will be installed in a 39 Chev 2dr (old drag car) with a Hi-Torque  
1??? Smith (WA) 1950s…. Art King (WA) late 1950s……Jeff Bartlett (WA) early 1980s Engine raced in the late 1950s in a track roadster (Aurora) and in the early 1960s in a '37 Chev Coupe (former NHRA record holder) Wayne valve & side covers, custom 5 carb intake assy w Stromberg 97s, turn down exhaust
1??? Doug Robinson (CA)….Zeke Zacherson (Ut)   Wayne valve cover, straight out exhaust manifolds
1102 James Robinson (early 1950's)... .Head was in Colorado from 1962 - 1995….John Belegard 1995 38 Chev Coupe (NASCAR)  
1107 Hank Lawshe (MT) 1955….Jerry Weigt (CA) 199? Lil Convincer & Salt Shadow (Bonneville record) Hilborn fuel injection, Wayne valve & side covers
1114 Carl Durham (GA)    
1125 Paul Vona (CA)…has owned for at least 20 years   Custom intake, exhaust, & covers
1134 Ray Hiatt (CA) In Track Roadster  
1140 Frank Istrice (NV) 1977   Wayne valve & side covers, side draft intake manifold, straight out exhaust (note: when purchased had Hilborn Travers fuel injection …subsequently sold)
1145 Emil Reutimann (FL) bought new in early 1950's….Jay Punnell (GA) mid 1950's …..Carroll Guthrie (FL) 1964...Mike Guttrrie (FL)   dual & tri carb intakes
1150 Carl Kerching (CA) bought head new in the early 1950's…..Steve Kerching (CA) Head is installed in a '29 roadster…previously installed in a modified roadster ('23) that ran Bonneville in 1955/7/8 Hilborn fuel injection # 115, Wayne valve & side covers
11?? Earl Yeager (IL) bought new from Harry Warner in July 1950….Don Ferguson (CA)…..Tom Cantrell (WA) 2004 New engine/head built by Harry Warner in 1950….will be installed in Harry Warner's old '34 roadster Wayne valve & side covers, tri-carb intake assy with new BXOV carbs, turn down exhaust
HELP!!! NEED HEAD NUMBERS FROM: Clements (AZ), Hiatt, Zallion, Ed Hagerdy, Speedway Motors    
1203 Mike Smith (CA) 1987….Perot Honda (CA) Previously installed in a '38 Chev coupe dirt track car 5 carb intake, Wayne valve & side covers
1207 Hoyt Wallace (MO) bought new in May of 1960…head is still new    
1208 Curtis (CA) 1970…Hot Rod magazine ad Head filled with rockport Hilborn fuel Injection, 5 carb intake, Wayne valve & side covers, turn down exhaust
Wayne GMC Cast Iron      
Ken Roble Dick "Pappy" Vance (MO) 1950s….Pat Swanson (WA) 1993….Ken Roble (CA) 1995 1965 IMCA Wildcat Missouri track record 12.44 Fuel injection # 119, 4 carb intake, Wayne valve & side covers
Mitchells Mitchells (CO) 199? Installed in '37 Chev Bonneville race car Fuel injection & Wayne valve & side covers
Joe Umpenhour Joe Umpenhour bought new in 1953 (casting 1208)   Fuel injection # 118, Wayne valve & side covers
Al Teague Al Teague (CA) owned since the late 1950's    
Fergusons Bill Goldman (AZ) early 1962….Jim Fuller 1970....Fergussons (CA) 1976    
Lee Sydney Lee Sydney (OR) (casting 1204)   Fuel injection # 102, Wayne valve & side covers
Chris Wickersham Lehman (CA) early 1950's…1955-2001 car & head was in a collection in Colorado….Jack Howerton (CA) 2001 ….Chris Wickersham (CA) 2004 Lehman Special- Pikes Peak Fuel injection
Gary Cope Gary Cope (CA) 1984….previous owner Badge (Sacramento, CA area)  Note:  head may have been previously owned by Howard Johansen Head is installed in Gang Green (Freemont & Bonneville) Fuel injection, 4 carb intake, Spalding ignition, Wayne valve & side covers
Ollie Prather Ollie Prather (CA) early 1950s….bought new Head was installed in an E racing runabout…..current plans are to install in a '39 Chev Coupe Home made tri carb intake (angled carbs for boat racing)
Wayne GMC Alum      
Chris Wickersham Chris Wickersham (CA) Tatum Special Ferguson Head
Ken Roble Dale Anderson (IL)…..Ken Roble (CA) 1998   4 carb intake, Wayne valve & side covers
Pat Swanson John McDonald (HI) 1970's….Pat Swanson (WA) 2005   4 carb intake, Wayne valve & side covers
Gary Cope Gary Cope (CA)   Ferguson Head
Pat Ganahl Frank Iacono (CA)….Keith Young (CA) ….Pat Ganahl (CA) 1990's Iacono Dragster Fuel Injection (no serial number stamped), front cover
Bob Ryan   Sprint Car  
Pat Swanson Leo Winkel (IL)…Bill Mazck (AZ) 1973…. Pat Swanson (WA) 1998   4 carb intake, fuel injection Wayne valve & side covers
Howard GMC Alum      
Chuck Emory Gil De La Pena (casting was not fully machined)….Rich Fox (CA) 1980s….George Campbell (MT)….Pat Swanson (WA) 1994….Chuck Emory (WA) 1998 Original Salt Circus  
Joe Umphenour     Howard fuel injection
K Pat Smith K Pat Smith (NY) 1986….Head is a Howard-Venolia casting (RT-003)    
Zeke Zacherson Orange California Truck Repair (CA)….Zeke Zacherson (UT) 1986 XXO/STR Record Bonneville 1988 (136.884)….270 complete engine with home made four 97 intake….was installed in a 31 Chev coupe (street driven) chrome valve cover
Horning/Fisher Cast Iron GMC      
Zeke Zacherson Bruce Geisler (CA)….Zeke Zacherson (UT) 1985?   Hilborn fuel injection, 2 piece valve cover, dual drive front cover, dry sump, magneto, roller cam & lifters
Bruce Murray Bruce Murray (OR) head was advertised in Hemmings 1997?    
Moon Burgess Moon Burgess sold head in 2001 to someone from Washington state   Head was stamped: exhaust side (between cyls 5 & 6) "RW 1380.  intake side "Fisher 3103".  Below water outlet "068710".  Head was sold with a Fisher cast aluminum 2 piece valve cover & pistons/rods
Zeke Zacherson Red Hamilton "Reds Heads" (Fort Bragg)...Zeke Zacherson (UT) 1979   Hilborn fuel injection
Fisher GMC      
Zeke Zacherson Jack Clifford (CA)….Zeke Zacherson (UT) 1976 CAST IRON.   Bill Fishers head from his '37 Chev coupe ….(stamped "Cal Fisher") inside under the valve cover (note verified by Bill F at Bonneville)….Zeke ran engine in his '38 Chev Coupe Complete engine with Hilborn fuel injection
Paul Nelson Paul Nelson (SD)    
Pat Swanson Fergussons….Tony Perra (CA) 2003...Pat Swanson (WA) 2006   Two piece valve cover
Ron Douglas Ron Douglas (Canada) Engine is installed in a vintage sprint car  
Frank Istrice Frank Istrice (NV) 1973….previous owner is deceased & from Ohio   Fisher is cast on the side of the head….Fisher valve cover
Frank Istrice Frank Istrice (NV) 1975...previous owner is deceased & from Ohio   Head has not been machined…. New "Wayne F Horning 300" valve cover
Bruce Murray Bruce Murray (OR)    
Dick Backland? Dick Backland (OR) early 1990's   Fuel injection, Fisher 2 piece valve cover
William Marsh William Marsh (MI)…..Don June (NY) Head was previously run in a sprint car in PA  
Russell Leduke Russell Leduke (MA) 2003…..previous owner was Bill ??? who paid $700. for it in the late 1960s Head was previously run in a stock car in central New York in the early 1960s Fisher is cast on the side of the head….Fisher 2 piece valve cover, Wayne side cover, Wayne front cover…Hilborn fuel injection #107
Zeke Zacherson Zeke Zacherson (UT) mid 1980s….previous owner was from Indiana   Dual drive front cover, Hilborn fuel injection, roller cam/lifters
Zeke Zacherson Jim Travis (CA)….Zeke Zacherson (UT)   Complete engine, straight out exhaust, five 97s on a modified Howard intake
Algon GMC      
Fergusons     Cast Iron Head
Pat Swanson Bruce Johnson (CA)….Fergusons (CA)...Pat Swanson (WA) 2006 Head assy was raced/installed in Bruce Johnston's car Aluminum Cast by Bruce Johnston
Fritz     Aluminum Cast by Bruce Johnston
Tony Perera Bruce Johnson (CA)….Fergusons (CA)...Tony Perera (CA) 2006   Aluminum Cast by Bruce Johnston
Don Sprayberry     Aluminum Cast by Bruce Johnston
Don Sprayberry     Aluminum Cast by Bruce Johnston
George Parker ???? Head installed in QuickSilver  
Harold Gino ?????    
Skinner Cast Iron GMC      
2 Joe Fontana per JD    
7 Joe Fontana per JD    
?? Tom Skinner    
?? Tom Skinner    
?? Walter Smith #23 per JD    
?? Walter Smith #23 per JD